Can someone PLEASE explain the process of creating high quality (preferably HD) videos?!?!?

All I’m trying to do is upload one of my songs to youtube with just a picture as the video but it uploads in some really s****y quality. I have Vegas, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, and of course, Windows Movie Maker… What is a step by step process on how to achieve high quality uploads?


Gee, I don’t know what creating “high quality” videos has to do with your question (besides, aren’t most Youtube videos FLV?). If it’s just a picture that you are uploading what format are you using? Jpeg, bmp, png? And what resolution? If it’s the audio that’s crap, post back.

Well the thing is, I’ve used Sony Vegas and Windows Movie Maker to try and achieve my goal, and when I view the end result from both programs the quality is outstanding (especially with Vegas) but when I upload it to youtube, the picture is blurry/blocky and the audio quality is definitely not what it was before.

Let me try and clarify a bit… I make the song, and render it with high quality, then I make the “video” in windows movie maker and export that as .wmv. Then, I take both files and Import them into Sony Vegas, and render accordingly, then finally upload it to youtube. But it’s not the same quality as before I uploaded it.

It’s probably hard to understand what I’m getting at because I’m a little tired. Been trying to get this thing right for over 24 hours now…

You will find many good guides