Can someone please advise me?



I need some serious help here. I have been on the CD Freaks forums for days reading up on my new Lite-On LTR-52246S 52x24x52. I have read various topics on firmware, different types of media to use, tip and tricks of good burning practices. I feel proficient that i have setup my system to burn perfect cds!

My system:
Elitegroup K7SEM V.1.0 MOBO w/ SIS 730S Chipset
1.2 GIG AMD Athlon
256 MB RAM
40 GIG 7200RPM Western Digital HD
Lite-On LTR 52246S 6SOF
Running Windows 2000 Advanced Server
ASPI version 4.6 Note: Had problems with 4.7

So with all that said, here is what i have learned:

I setup my HD for DMA enabled.
The burner and the hard drive are on separate IDE cables.
Clean install of windows.
4.6 ASPI layer installed
NERO installed (latest)
EZCD/DVD Creator 6 installed (latest)
MEDIA: Mitsui 80 Minute Silver CD-R
KProbe v.1.1.16

Ok, now the problem:
No matter what speed with or without SMARTBURN, and/or DMA enabled 3/4 throught the burn my C2 goes throught the roof. Now this is only with audio, i can burn an image or data at 40x and get less than 10 C1 errors across the whole disc, this is great. I have heard that it is not good to burn at slow speeds with high speed media, so what does that mean? To only burn audio with slower rated media? I have used about five different manufacturers of media and every one has given me C2 errors. This is burning MP3 and/or wave. Here are my test results:

At 4X:

At 16X:

At 24X:

At 32X:

At 40X:

At 48X:

At 52X:

So what am i dong wrong? Or what can i do different? Im allready using high quality media with a high quality drive and latest versions of all my software? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


Try another brand than Mitsui, buy five cheap CMC’s and if you still get errors around the same area your drive is horribly f*cked. As it is now it’s already quite f-worded actually cause it’s not supposed to look like that, I would RMA it. Or your Mitsuis have suffered something very nasty.