Can someone make a simple guide for ratDVD?



I was wondering if I have to rip my DVD to my harddrive then convert with ratDVD or do I copy directly from the DVD in the Drive? If so then what about the DVD copy-right protection? Please I could use a short and simple guide to show me the steps to making a ratDVD file. Thank You.

  1. Get and Install AnyD*D.
  2. Install ratDVD.

(AnyD*D runs in the Systemtray as some kind of driver and cracks the Copyright protection in the background. You won’t have to rip it to your harddrive first.)

  1. With AnyD*D installed you can simply convert the DVD directly with ratDVD.

I think thats it. Someone may corrent me or post different ways (with DVDEncr*pter ^^)