Can someone identify this protection?

Hello cd freaks
I came across this and my curiosity was aroused as to what protection could be defeated by drilling holes.
a) Burn the ISO-image included in this package to a DVD-R (plus or minus, both are working).
You can’t use CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD-RW

b) Draw a circle on the non-data side of the DVD-R with a radius of 5,4 cm.

c) Drill two small holes each less then 1 mm in a 30° angle on this circle. This will emulate
the copy-protection. It is important for these holes to be between 29° and 31°

Hi nukeemall,

So drilling a hole in your media can defeat a protection, correct me if im wrong but this is a little confusing, what protection can be defeated by doing this?

ok - I am not trying this (drilling a hole in your media) I had seen this posted
somewhere and have the same question as merther02

what protection can be defeated by doing this?

That’ll be IzakinmoROM…

Note: Emulation requires ALCOHOL - f**king gallons of it!

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Ill admit it does aound a little bit far-fetched, nukeemall where did you find this alleged method?

Do you mean something like this post here

yep that explains it - thanks madmax