Can someone here tell me the specs of the Pioneer A-06?



I have this burner, but I forgot the specs on it. Can someone here please tell me? Thanks.


Write Support:

CD: CD-R 700 (Type 80),(Type 74), CD-RW, High-speed CD-RW

Read Support:
DVD: DVD-ROM, DVD Video (single & dual layer), DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD +R, DVD+RW
CD: CD-ROM (Mode1&2), CD-ROM XA, CD-DA (CD Audio), Video CD PhotoCD (single/multi-session), CD EXTRA (CD-Plus), CD-Text, CD-R, CD-RW

Write Speed
DVD-R 4X (*2), 2X (*3), 1X CLV (5.54MB/s)
DVD - RW 2X (*4) , 1X CLV (2.77MB/s)
DVD + R 4X (*5), 2.3X CLV (5.54MB/s)
DVD + RW 2.4X CLV (3.32MB/s)
CD - R 16X, 12X, 8X, 4X, CLV (2.4MB/s)
CD - RW 10X (*5), 4X CLV (1.5MB/s)

Read Speed
DVD-ROM (Single) Max 12X CAV (16.62 MB/s)
DVD-ROM (Dual) Max 8X CAV (11.08MB/s)
DVD-R, DVD-RW Max 6X CAV (8.31MB/s)
Max 6X CAV (8.31MB/s)
CD-ROM MAX 32X CAV (4.8 MB/s)
CD-R,CD-RW MAX 32X CAV (4.8 MB/s)

Other Specifications
Average Access Time (CD-ROM) 130 msec
Average Access Time (DVD-ROM) 140 msec
Data Buffer 2MB
Mounting Orientation Horizontal & Vertical
Interface ATAPI (PIO Mode4)/Multi Word DMA Mode2) Ultra DMA33 (Ultra DMA Mode2)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 148 x 42.3 x 198 mm

*1 DVD-R Version 2.0 for General disc only
*2 4x speed DVD-R Revision 1.0 (Optional book) media required for 4x DVD-R writing

*3 2x certified DVD-R media is required for 2x DVD-R writing

*4 2x speed DVD-RW Revision 1.0 (Optional book) media required for 2x DVD-RW writing

*5 Please use the media of correspondence of a drive for +R/+RW and CD-RW record

  • DVD-RAM writing or reading is not supported.

  • Specific application program that supports above format is needed.

You may also have a look at the pioneer data sheet here.


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