Can someone help w/ bin file to avi or dvd file conversion ? PLEASE

Can someone else knowledgeable please help me with this question i originally addressed to someone else via PM below. i saw that they read it, but didn’t reply (rude!!!), so if someone else can do their good deed for the day and actually HELP me, that would be greatly appreciated.
(i hate when u download stuff, get all excited to rip it onto CD or DVD to play it on a stand-alone, then you discover that the GENIUSES at Nero didn’t make it rip-able/recognizable and recognize the file type w/ their software…

here’s the mssg i sent to the person who ignored me so politley:

Hi, (name withheld- he/she ignored my PM), you said (for converting bin to avi), quote: "Use Daemon Tools to mount the bin/cue file on a VIRTUAL DRIVE, then use Nero or WinAVI Video Convertor to convert to DVD format, burn, enjoy.

Note: Do you know what format the bin/cue file is supposed to be in? After you mount it on a virtual drive, you may find out that it is already in DVD format, if so, simply use CloneDVD, or whatever you use to BURN DVDs with, and burn it as you would a DVD you have ripped to your HARD DRIVE"

…what do you mean by “mount” & “virtual drive” ? can’t i just dL DaemonTools, and use its converter on a bin file, and just have it converted and saved onto my regular drive? i don’t even know what a virtual drive is, and what is “mounting” ? Also, i might be wrong, but i THOUGHT i read somewhere that Nero and WinAVI don’t act right if they are both on the same system. (or, maybe it could have been WinMovieMaker, i forgot)…have u heard anything of the sort? or, what program is Nero NOT compatible with if saved on the same system as ? (if i’m wrong about winAVI & winMovieMaker) ?? many thanks in advance!!!


Iso Buster:


did this help?

You probably shouldn’t get too upset that someone didn’t reply to your pm. Many people around here won’t answer technical questions in private messages, believing that such topics belong in the open forum. And many others will hesitate to help without some acknowledgment from you that the .bin file you have downloaded has been obtained legally. You should look through the rules of the forum on this subject.

I’m not an expert on image files, I use ISO’s but not much else. I believe ImgBurn can handle .bin files though, so you may be able to burn your bin file directly to a disk using that program.

Daemon tools will install a virtual drive on your computer to handle image files. It will emulate the way a physical drive works and will appear to the operating system as another optical drive. “Mounting” an image with the virtual drive means the same as inserting a physical disk into a physical drive. It will open the image file and allow you to access the information contained within.

yes thank you BOTH so much! yes it did help, both of you did, and I appreciate it. and yes my dL was obtained via legal avenues. thanks so much you guys. can u do me a favor, and keep your replies (and links, etc.) up for a little while? thanks much!