Can someone help plz? i am not very good at this

Hi all
I snet the same sort of message to Recording Forum but i’m not hoping to get much from there so i decided i come here:

I own lots of games + have 2 younger brothers who i canNOT trust with my discs right? so i need a good all-round CD-RW that copies SecuRom VERY new, Safedisk 2.x, etc. i’m not exactly thrilled by high speed when writing games cause i use max of 24X on all of my discs. I also want the discs to work on other drives cause me and my brother have different drives on our PCs and i use my DVD drive to read games rather than CD-RW drive.

Hope someone helps me, more scratches are appearing on my discs every day.

BTW, i cant afford the Plextor Premium, so suggest soemthing else if u can

$41.99 Free FedEx Saver Shipping

I read the cdrlabs review and the reviews on amazon and other websites and i think i will bnuy this fairly cheap but excellent writer after all

thnx again BoSkin

Yep!! I’ll go with that…

Good all rounder and Very Cheap…

On my third now… :bigsmile: