Can someone help me with this?

My dvd movie is damaged.
And DVD Decrypter can decrypt all the files on my hard disc except for 1 VOB file that is damaged, but the VOB file is a trailer for another movie and I only need to backup the main movie and the main movie VOB files are OK.
Now I can’t process the VIDEO_TS Folder with DVD Shrink where the files are, becouse it says that the file “the damaged one” is missing.
Is there a way I can backup just my main movie with IFOs and BUPs just like the Re-author mode in dvd shrink?

And by the way what does BUPs and IFOs contan?


No way unless you read it slower or use a better reader drive.

Thanks chef, you give the Shortest enswers possible!
And by the way what does all the BUPs and IFOs contan? - obviously you missed this one. lol


IFO means info and BUP is just the BackUP of it.
The IFO files store important indexing information about the dvd and it’s content (VOBs).

If you get the JUST the Vobs for the main movie in a folder you can create the IFO & BUP files you need (matching just the main movie) using IfoEdit. It has a Create IFO option & once run your movie could well be acessible by Shrink etc.

As TimC says, IFOEDIT will do what you want easily.

In fact it only takes about 5 minutes - it so simple. IFOEDIT is freeware.

Download IFOEDIT from (V0.971 works well).

Thanks for the help guys.
Is there a help file somewhere for IfoEdit?

Simplest is with Shrink (its also free :slight_smile: ) Run Shrink, click the Re-Author button, then browes to the partly ripped dvd on your HD or to the disk in your reader. Then just drag the main movie to the left window. In the Compression Settings tab, remove any Audio or subtitles you dont need and hit the Backup button. Will be all done in a few minutes.

There are guides available (see ifoedit web site).

You will hardly need a guide for this step, it’s so simple

  1. Copy movie vob files to a directory

these will be like:

  1. Start IFOEDIT and simply click the Create IFOs button (on start up page)

  2. select the first VOB file ( normally VTS_01_1.VOB) and click ok.
    The IFOs (and BUPs) are re-written (you will get four new files 2 ifos, 2 bups). The menu ifo/bups are dummy files needed to meet the DVD standard.

If the movie is differently numbered:
I think you select VTS_02_1.VOB instead.

If that doesn’t work, try simply try renaming files to VTS_01_1.VOB etc, and then create ifos as above.

I did a test last night. If the movie is not VTS_01_01.VOB etc., the create ifos option does not work properly (I am not sure if I am missing something here). However, renaming as I suggested above works fine.

Thanks Oilman, it really worked.
But the subtitles were not the same - they were green and blurry.
I am gonna need a little more help.


You can change their colour in IFOEDIT too.

Yes chef I know, but I just can’t work it out.

Have you found the values you want/need to change?