Can someone help me with my scans?

Hello, I’m pretty new on this board, great stuff here. Can some help with with my scans? I have a 451S@832. I’ve burned 2 (Memorex) RicohJPN-R01’s @4X, one with VS08 and one with VS0A, and I’ve burned 2 (Memorex) CMCMAG-F01’s @4X with VS08 and one with VS0A.

I’ve used Omnipatcher on both firmwares for autobitsetting and Recommended Tweaks. It seems to me that on both media codes the VS08 firmware is better, what do you think?

seems good scans, the second is a bit high, but acceptable.
my 812@832 makes RICOHJPNT02 very bad.

They all look good to me.


RICOHJPNT02 and not R02?


Did u use patch v1.3.8?? I’ve tried both VS08 & VS0A, but VS08 gives me those dark circles on MCC003, haven’t try RICOHJPNR01 though!! According to your 1st 2 scans, seems like VS08 is better than VS0A. May be I’ll try a RICOHJPNR01 with VS08 @4x tonite.


keyboard mistake :a , they are R02 yes…

Yes I used v1.3.8 patched firmware for the last three burns/scans. I believe i used v1.3.3 patched firmware for the first burn (the RicohJPN-R01 VS08 scan) but that is a good scan.