Can someone help me with a maxell DVD+R 16x?

I am new to copying dvds. Just started in March. I have always used maxell dvd+r 16x. I usually buy the 30 pack of them at local (USA) walmart. Well over the summer months I went to a Sam’s Club and found a 100 pack of them and tried using them. I use any dvd and clonedvd2 to burn movies. Well I made a copy off of the original and tried making a copy of that and it come up with an error code of needing to check the disc and retry. well most of the time if you did that it still wouldn’t work. Well I noticed that on the package of the 100 pack it said Maxell Video. And also the number around the inner part of the dvd had a black number around it. So I told maxell that their dvds in the 100 pack with video wrote on them were different from the smaller 30 packs. They told me I was full of it, but did send me new dvd+rs. So just recently for christmas my husband got me 3 packs off the 100 packs from local walmart. So I tried making a copy and again it wouldn’t let me make a copy of a copy. So I compared them with my current small pack and the number around the inner part of the dvd (on small pack) is clear and etched in there as on the 100 pack it is black and not etched. So I did some searching on here and found the dvd identifier and ran my dvds on there. The small 30 pack that I get to work says CMC MAG. The dvds in the 100 pack says RICOHJPN. So which of these dvds are good to use? And why does the 100 pack not work and the 30 pack work? I sure hope someone can help me.

Well, this is the first time I’ve heard of Ricoh not working as well as or better than CMC Magnetics for 16x discs, but anything is possible.

First, what DVD burner are you using? And at what speed are you burning?

I think this is a firmware issue personally. If you can tell us the model, manufacturer & firmware of the drive that could help us pinpoint the problem.

I have no idea how to check what kind of drive I have. I know I have a Dell Dimension E521. And as for speed I use clonedvd2 and I do believe it is set at maximum.

As I am not familiar with CloneDvd2 & what info it supplies, I am going to ask you to do the following, so that we can get the info needed. Download & install a program called ImgBurn (free), when you launch it, repeat the info that you get in the right hand window into a reply post here. Do you only have one burning drive?

I downloaded it and ran it. Have no idea how it works, but the only thing I got in the right window when it opened was
TSST corp DVD±RW TS-H653A D300 (RAID)
Current Profile: N/A

The firmware version you have now is D300. Dell has upgraded the firmware twice since that revision. The latest is D500. This is the link

Read the instructions on that page on how to use the flashing program.

We have the same drive in one of our Dells (E520) - it’s worth updating to the D500 firmware :iagree:. It’s a nice drive (rebadged Samsung SH-S183A).

Try lowering the burn speed to 8x, that mediacode seems to burn quite nicely on ours at the speed. :wink:

Guides for that program are available onsite.