Can someone help me wiht GFX card problem?

I haev a ATI Radeon 32MB SDR video card, i installed it and everything. Then i tried to upgrade the driver and messed everything up. Now i cant uninstall the display driver, so i can’t put in the gfx card and make it work. Whenever i put the gfx card in now and start my comp the screen turns off once its done loading the Windows ME screen. But when i try to use safe mode it gets past it but still wont let me install the driver. And when i go to reinstall the driver it only installs direct x cause it thinks that i have it installed already but i dont. PLEASE HELP ME!!
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When in safe made remove your card from device manager.
Right-click 'My Computer > Properties.
Try uninstalling the drivers from your add, remove programs as well.
Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
Then restart and try reinstalling drivers

  1. Boot safe mode.

  2. Change video driver to vga 640x480, etc standard driver anyway.

  3. Use windows Search for “*.inf” which contains “ATI”

  4. Cut and paste these .inf files its finds to “c:\bckup” folder

  5. Reboot windows to normal mode and install the drivers which used to work.