Can someone help me please? I would appreciate it very much



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Hi my name is joe, i am fairly new to the forum. I am looking to buy a new cd burner and a new dvd burner. I am willing to pay up to a $100 bucks for the cd burner and a $100 for the dvd burner. But the problem i have is deciding on which one to get. This is basically what i want to be able to do.

cd burner:

  1. Burn high quality cds
  2. Not have to worry about copy protection(assuming you have the right software, alcohol or whatever. i think they refer to the burner as a 2 sheep burner or something like that.)
  3. Burn high quality cds with mp3s and wav files form my computer
  4. for the burner to last a while. I have gone through 3 buslinks in 1 year.
  5. im not worried about speed all that much. 40x speed is fine with me, it dont have to be 52x. i would rather have quality that speed.
  6. Would like to be able to rip a cd to my computer at a high quality.

Dvd burner:

  1. Burn high quality dvds
  2. Rip at a high quality
  3. Be able to burn and not worry about copy protection(assuming you have the right software)
  4. for the burner to last a while.
  5. Like i said before, i am not worried about speed that much. ( i guess 8x is fine for me with dvd burner.)

With all of those specs that i want, what do you guys would be the best burners to buy. and also, should i buy a cd/dvd rom to do all of my reading?

Also, can someone point me to a thread or a post that talks about burning high quality cds and dvds, what settings to use, stuff like bitsetting?

I would appreciate it greatly guys, as i am a somewhat of a newb to this kind of stuff. Thank you very much.



I would recommend the NEC 3500/3520, Pioneer 108/109, or Plextor 716 for DVD burning. NEC is the cheapest. Mad Dog rebadges NEC drives with 2 yr warranty. Check out the posts at the bargain forum. $57 NEC drive.

The Plextor is also good at backing up game CDs (2 sheep drive). Don’t know if any drive can bypass the latest game encryption.


thank you very much furballi for the info bro, i appreciate it