Can someone help me interpret this?

Ok i just want some one to give me an opinion on this scan with kprobe v2.
I really dont know anything when it comes to reading scans or what is a good scan with what media and what not!!

anyways the reason for this is that i have two burners ldw-411s and one of them was giving me problems, and giving me a lot of errors in burning! I tried everything, every firmware, media, even changing cables but this particular burner just kept acting up!!So as my last resort i decided to flash the eeprom with the eeprom from the burner that was giving me great results and never failed!! Well to my surprise the burner actually improved right from the start, actually hasnt given me any erros yet in about 50+ dvd+r i have done with it since.
So to the scan, i just want to know if this is a good scan, since all the scans i do now are similar to this one on both ldw-411s.

This burn was done with a value disc (cmcmag f01-00)dvd+r set to dvdrom burnt at 4x simultaneously using the two burners at once!!Both scans are similar so i want to know if this is good or not!!

your pi should be under 280 your po should be under 4 thats how you read it if an only if your scan was doen at 4x

your po goes above 4 in a small number of places but your pi never goes over 280 so it should be good burn unless there is problem at the places po is over 4, but usually it must be way over before its a problem

This scan is EXCELLENT for a CMC-manufactured disc! Only thing is, please remember to set KProbe to 8/1 ECC next time.


terminalvelocd, actually i thought it was supposed to be 8/8, when i set it to 8/1 i get much better results, dont know why, oh and also when i scan at the supposed 1x standard my pi and po dramatically drop!!! Is that normal, if it is why does every body scan at 4x, if the standar is 1x and you should get the real test using 1x?

8/1 is better than 8/8. But 8/1 and 8/8 scans should be comparable, as the only errors that get changed are PO/PIF, and for those, you can compare the total count.

As code65536 mentions, 8/1 is better, and as far as I know is the standard for DVD error measurement.

I wish I could scan at 1x, but I don’t have one hour for every disc I scan! :slight_smile:


thanks everybody for helping!! OK heres a scan at 8/1 at 1x like the standard.

Is this a better scan or is it the same thing?

1x is not standard for us we always scan at 4x and 8/1 its how all the scans on cdfeaks are done. although your scan looks fine well within spec at 1x .

pi max <= 280
po max <= 4