Can someone have a look of my burning log?

Hi to everyone,
First off, I know for sure that I can burn DVD+R DL with my LG GH22 because I already did it in the past.
Now I was trying, with no success at all, to burn the very same files using a DVD-R DL.
can some of you explain me…why?
I’m posting the log form Nero.

Bye and thanks,


Sense Key: 0x03 (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR)

Your drive isn’t very compatible with these disks. It isn’t recognizing them properly, and thus is causing problems.

These are Verbatim -R DL? As a general rule, we advise sticking to Verbatim +R DL disks if you need the extra capacity.

Hi Kerry56 and thanks for your reply :flower:

These are Verbatim -R DL?
yes they are and so what you really recommend is always buy the [B]+R[/B] DL(s) instead…is it right?

Yes. Verbatim is the brand to buy when considering double layer disks, but you should get the +R variety.

Thanks mate for your help, I appreciate that! :slight_smile: