Can someone explain to me what dvd-ram is?

I just got my new Pioneer DVR-108 and I undertsood it supports DVD-RAM, but what is it? and what is unique about it? should I buy DVD-RAM media? etc.

Thank you. :rolleyes:

Your Pioneer drive does NOT support DVD-RAM in the sense of writing on it. It mearly reads it. If you wanna write to DVD-RAM, there are very affordable LG and more expensive Panasonic DVD burners.

As for what is DVD-RAM, it’s a DVD format that is like a harddrive. You don’t need any mastering software. You just drag and drop files on it. The current max speed for it is 5X. DVD-RAM can be rewritten up to 100000 times compared to just 1000 for DVD±RW. Also, it comes in cartriges sometimes (Panasonic drives mostly suport those) or bare like a normal DVD. They are more secure becuase when data is written, it is automatically verifyed by the drive. The drive also has it’s own defect management system so it is able to detect hard errors on the disc and corect them early. Also, the DVD-RAM in cartriges is even more secure as it it ALWAYS protected from dust and fingerprints etc.

To sum it all up, if you want a portable hardrive(although slower) and the DVD format that is the most secure and superior, you need DVD-RAM.