Can someone explain this?



I am not an avid burner, but have burnt successfully before many times. I am using the Benq DW 1610, using Nero 6.6. I bought some dvd -r’s (msonic I think), successfuly backed up a dvd. However it did not work in my player (jvc xvn-310b). However it did work in my firends player. He has successfully backed up disks of a different brand (name unknown) and they play in my JVC player. We agree to trade our inventory of media. I use the disks from him in my burner, I burn successful copies again, however they stilll do not play in my JVC player. How can the same media work in my JVC player from one burner and not from another? One thing I tried to do was adjust the burning speed in Nero 6.6. Ironically, it will only allow me to burn 4x. I cannot crank it back to 2.4x or 2x. I know in the past my player would have SVCD’s work at 8x but at 12x they would not work? Is this a nero problem, or a benq burner problem? How to fix so I can try burning at 2x? Right now I am scratching my head. i own media I can burn for everyone else except me.



What software does your friend use?

I had a problem of a similar nature with home moveis from family members that live in other countries, I am the only one in my family in the UK with a DVD burner and so I have to make copies for the rest of the family. Well I used a GO4 dye media and it worked in all but three of the DVD players and so I contacted the manufacturers and tey said try different software and I did and the problem was solved, I was originally using Roxio and tried TMPGEnc DVD author.


I’d recommend flashing to a newer firmware, sounds like your burners incompatible with both types of media.(yours and your friends)

Ironically, it will only allow me to burn 4x.
Comes down to the media and Firmware. Even if you do update, you may have to experiment with media a little.


My friend is using the same version of nero. I do not know his burner manufacturer. Why would discs from the same spool, burnt on his machine, work in my dvd player, and in my computer they burn ‘fine’ except not play in my player. I thought for sure that you can always step down the speed. Nero only allows a maximum burn speed of 4x. I cannot scale back to 2x. Which is the speed he burns at.


Why would discs from the same spool, burnt on his machine, work in my dvd player, and in my computer they burn ‘fine’ except not play in my player.
Probably because the media is more compatible with his burner. If your Standalone JVC doesnt like what you burn, its either very picky or your drive isnt doing good burns. PC DVD-ROMs read pretty much anything, even if its a bad burn unlike standalone DVD Players. Use Nero’s CD/DVD Speed, and quality test both yours and your friends in your drive, compare the results. Either way I’d recommend you flash your writers firmware as this generally solves such issues.


What’s the media ID of those DVDs? Download DVD Identifier and post the ID codes. I would also try quality DVD-R media. Go to and send them an email requesting a sample of Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R.


I have the same burner and I had the same problem, I have since found out that Benq Burners do not like DVD - they prefer DVD +
I have just copied Lord of the Rings using DVD shrink on Verbatim DVD + and eveything
worked fine.
Hope this helps


Hopefully, my player will like the +R which I will try later, otherwise, bye bye benq burner or new player…on of the two.