Can someone explain DL to me?

I’m totally hazy about this.

What’s the difference between a commercial Hollywood DL movie and a PC recorded DVD±R DL (note the ±) as far as regular DVD player-ability?

Can most DVD players play the PC recorded variety or what? (I’m aware that the player would have to have the ability in the first place to read ± discs).

I’ve heard about Bitsetting so that a disc appears to be DVD-ROM, which any DVD player will recognise, but that can only be done with DVD+R media right?

So what about -R DL?

Forgive me if this is in the wrong section and/or has been answered elsewhere…I couldn’t locate it.

The reason I’m asking is that I’m about to change my Samsung burners for Sony DRU810A’s which have ± everything. Plus I bought a new DVD player, yet to be delivered, Helios HVD2085 HD Upscaling, region-free DVD Player.

-R DL is a format of inferior compatibility. Most DVD players will hang at the layer break. Its booktype looks like a normal -R SL, only the version number is different. For DL media, DVD+R DL is the format you should use. :slight_smile:

It also depends on the quality of the DVD+R DL media. I prefer Verbatim DVD+R DL over other DL media.

Thanks. So with the +R DL I would most likely have to bitset (or booktype?) …whatever, the disc to a DVD-ROM to play on most DVD players?

+R DL is bitset/booktyped automatically by all drives afaik - no need to do anything special for it.

Ok…I guess I’m learning things here. The reason i asked is that reading the capabilities of various DVD players suggests that some wont read PC generated dual layer without the bitsetting. Some specifically state that they can read dual layer discs. I find the whole thing confusing. Especially as I read that such dual layer discs aren’t the same as those commercially produced.

You can always check a +R DL disc (or SL for that matter) you’ve burned by looking under the “Disc Info” tab in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

An +R DL disc will always remain a +R DL disc, but you can improve the compatibility most times by bitsetting the booktype to DVD-ROM.

Not all burners bitwset +R DL automatically to DVD-ROM, hell yes.

Thanks for the info. I guess one has to waste a coaster to see if ones burner does it automatically.

I’m changing my Samsung TS H552U for a Sony DRU810A shortly.

Sony DRU810A 16x DVD Burner.
Dual Layer and Double Layer Burning!
Sony’s new DRU810A DVD burner incorporates new 8.5GB DVD-R Dual Layer, DVD+R Double Layer burning and dual format 4.7GB DVD burning. Double/Dual Layer discs let you store up to 8.5GB on a single DVD+R Double Layer or DVD-R Dual Layer disc, giving you plenty of room for more video and audio entertainment, digital photo archives, and information storage. DVD+R burning speed is a blazing 16X max, burning a full DVD in approximately 6 minutes. Double Layer and Dual Layer Recording speed is 8X max. DVD+RW speeds are 8X max for DVD+RW and 6X max for DVD-RW respectively. Ultra fast 48X max CD-R burning means you no longer need a separate CD Burner for good performance. What hasn’t changed is the DRU-810A comes bundled with an unbeatable Nero software suite and also includes a black front panel to match black colored PCs.

Dunno if there is a workaround for the 552U.
If, probably [B]Backfire[/B] would know it.

Sony 810? Rebadged Benq… (1650?)
There are better drives, I think. But just try it.

Don’t spend too much on that 810A… It’s a BenQ 1640 rebadged by Sony. You can probably snag the newer 1650 on Newegg for cheaper.

Well, I just answered my last question by letting my fingers do the walking…


The DRU-810A also supports a feature called “bitsetting.” While the drive automatically sets the book type of DVD+R DL media to “DVD-ROM”, you can manually do the same with single layer DVD+R and DVD+RW media using CD Speed. This feature comes in handy if you have an older DVD player that has problems playing recordable media

Does that mean that a bunch of DVD -R DL that I have are basically garbage?

Yes! (Unless your DVD player is fairly new, or you have a dash format only recorder.)

Sorry…“dash format only”…? Not sure what you mean.

I’ve just bought a Neodigits HVD2085 DVD player.

Dash is DVD-R, and plus is DVD+R :slight_smile:
(Do you call them minus?)

Some DVD recorders already support DVD-R DL recording, but those are rare.

Thanks, it dawned on me that was what you meant just before you posted…sorry! I’ve already gathered that it looks like my -r dl’s are usable only by my PC’s burner…ah well, that was a waste of money. Thank God I only bought a cakebox of 10.

You’ll have to try it out for yourself, that’s the only way to know for sure. :slight_smile:

Your Samsung appears to be an exception in not supporting auto-bitsetting on +R DL (from the review on CDF):

That’s one of the reasons I’m swapping it for the Sony, which I know automatically does it. Another reason, it’s seen some heavy use and is getting a bit slow.

I don’t like Samsung burners anyway, they’re like Lite-On minus DVDScan and HyperTuning and Online HyperTuning and the vast number of firmware mods and tools…
But the Samsung can scan, I think. So you might be well off by removing your combo drive and swapping it for an LG, and using the Samsung for scanning. :wink:

This player ??

Not quite, they’ve updated it and released it as Helios HVD2085 here: