Can someone examine my scan

Ok I scanned a random backup of mine. These are how all my backups are burned.

Anything I can do better?

Better? This scan is awesome!

That is very good. Don’t worry at all.

Very nice scan. :wink:

You can send me that batch of TYG02’s :bigsmile:

The scan is excellent, but no scan is complete without a Read Transfer Test or similar actual reading test.

You can run a Read Transfer Test on the Benchmark tab e.g. by pressing F2 or selecting Transfer Test from the Run Test menu. If you press the Start button, several tests will be started including a Transfer Test.

What you want to see is a smooth read graph without any (major) slowdowns.

And you can share with me :bigsmile:

Gladly Love. :flower:

So what batch was they then ?? GG000110 by any chance as this is what have gotten with one with that batch number.

very nice scan.

did you burn it with the benq? what speed? was it a branded yuden? if so what’s the brand? lastly how much per disc?

Of course ! you should get 0 PIF total and maximum of 100 PIE total .

j/k :bigsmile:

It is an awesome scan , unfortunately I’ve never had such an excellent scan with TY 16X media :frowning:

But I get better with OPTODISC 16X +R media :stuck_out_tongue: :

Both are technically possible, 0 PIF total has already been achieved. But I’m not sure about the 100 PIE total. :iagree:

You can see from the CDSpeed scan that the disc was burned by a Pioneer DVR-109.

I have seen the zero PIF scan (achieved by chas0039) but personally I have never achived anything below 20 PIF or below 2000 PIE (except on a 16x scan in an external drive with lots of dropped samples).

It’s “technically possible” to flip a coin 1000 times and get tails every time, but don’t expect to see it happen anytime soon. :wink:

yup, but that’s an extremele remote occurence.
it’s more likely IMO to win the lottery.