Can someone confirm if these Verbatim media are Taiyo Yuden?



Can someone, especially from China, confirm if these Verbatim media are Taiyo Yuden? If not, what they are.

The cakebox looks very much like it’s Taiyo Yuden inside. But we have the 5-Color Collection here at my location being sold in the classic style cakebox with “Made in China” on the label and the MID of media inside ain’t even MCC let alone Taiyo Yuden. Some have reported it as CMC MAG xxx while others have reported it as Prodisc R0x.



Verbatim Europe uses the TY-style cakebox for all of its stock photos on its website but the actual product in stores uses different cakeboxes depending on the origin of the media (CMC, Prodisc, TY, MBIL etc) so I would assume it’s the same case with the media for the Chinese market. The only way to verify if they’re TY is if they have “Made in Japan” on the label.


They don’t show photos of individual products on Verbatim Europe website, do they? For the stock photos on this website, I see both styles are used.

But they do show photos of individual products on other Verbatim websites around the world. All of the cakeboxes are the classic style except only 2 items on Verbatim Singapore website (confirmed to be Taiyo Yuden) and 6 on Verbatim China website (yet to be confirmed).

I believe they intend to show photos of the real things on the websites.


At least, the same boxes here are TY. By the way, there discs are for Asia-Pacific, besides Japan, to be sold.


Ok, I forgot Verbatim Hong Kong which has the same 6 items listed as they are on Verbatim China.

I think this is confirmed then, at least for Hong Kong and Taiwanese markets, that these cakeboxes are Taiyo Yuden.


Yes, I can confirm that. You have TY genuine cakeboxes. :bigsmile:


Are there any evidences that TY has started production of DVD-5 in mainland China for Verbatim?


No. :disagree:

The MIC DVD media was mostly CMC and Prodisc. It could be that Verbatim delivers CMC and Prodisc media to Mainland China while delivering the Taiyo Yuden media to Hong Kong and Taiwan.