Can someone check this for me?



I want to check if my write speeds are slowed by something Im missing. I dont want to be a hand holder about it, but Ive looked over it, and if someone who knows what they are doing can double check it for me, I’d be very grateful. :bow:
PS sorry for its length :eek:


I guess Im asking too much, sorry and thanks anyway.


Well I just looked at at it and nothing jumped out at me, but there is a lot of info. Why do you think your speeds are slow? :slight_smile:


I noted that you have 4 ODDs and how many and what size HDs ,are they formated Fat 32 or Ntfs. Have you defragged them lately. Are you running a PCI controller card? If so what is hooked up to it?

My meds are kicking in and can’t see very well now. Will check back after a nights rest.


1 SATA HD (a 10,000RPM Raptor) always 100% defragged, no PCI controllers.
I figure that theres a bottle neck somewhere I guess thats making my dvd burners buffers go nuts and not letting the burns go past 12x-13x, with 16x media.


Not sure what Mobo you have but I saw Intel there somewhere. I recently updated my chipset drivers to Intels 630 version and saw a noticeable increase in in HD speed by checking it before and after with HD Tach. Don’t ask me why as I have no idea. Also this has nothing to do with your problem but I also noticed a Creative sound card. It took me a good half hour to turn off all the crap Creative installed on my Start up in MSCONFIG, most of it is not required and is just hogging memory(running as background apps). You can download Sisoft Sandra and run the Performance tune up Wizard and it may display the bottleneck you are looking for. HTH. :slight_smile:


I have an ABIT AI7 mobo. I dont really see too much to turn off in msconfig> start for the sound card, except maybe cthelper.exe.




This is what I had: Regsrv32, cthelper, udpreg and in Services in Computer management there is Creative Service for CDROM Access as well. Took me a long time because I had too Google to find out what they were and if they were needed. There not. HTH :slight_smile: