Can someone analyze this please?

I just did a firmware flash last nite for my NEC nd 3500. It’s now ripping movie very fast. As for the burning speed, I dont know if it faster or not. I use Nero to ran a test with a Ridata 8x DVD-r that I just burned and it shows the speed is very flutuated. Here is a snapshot of it. Thank you in advance.

Hmmm… looks more like it is a poor burn.
Can you try scanning a few other types of disc (pressed DVD, DVD+R, other brands of DVD).

Ben :slight_smile:

When you run the speed test, do it on quiet computer, and do not use it except the test.
The 64% CPU Usage at 8X seems very high to me. Also, that 1X and 2X is same CPU Usage makes no sense. Also, make sure the disc is clean.

Thank you guys! I will try diff DVD.