Can some of you post some scans of DVD+RW RICOHJPN W11 discs?

I appreciate seeing some scans of these DVD+RW discs. I am not having good burns in my new DW1620 B7T9 (crossflashed from OEM) with them (they are 5 That’s Write DVD+RWs) and before with my old Liteon LDW-811s the quality on them was superb. I am using CD-Speed for testing.

I have seen very little scans with these media, only 1 in the media forums and the ones posted by OC-Freak in the drive review, both of these were very good.

I appreciate it. Thanks.

Here is a recent scan from a disc I use, RICOHJPN W11 branded as Datasafe DVD+RW quick erased and written with CD/DVD Speed test disc. I’ve had these for a couple of months now and no problems with them so far.

Whats the scan like on your discs ?

just posted some scans to


Brand: FUJI, juwelcase (Fuji Magnetics GmbH, Germany)
Type: DVD+RW 4x rated
Burned as: Data Disc, Movie 4.37GB with Nero
Burned at: 4x speed
Burntime: 14:29
Firmware: BenQ B7T9
Scanned with SOHW-832 at 4x speed in Nero CD/DVD Speed.

Note. Disk burned 5 times before this burn. Never full formated/erased.
Only fast erased in Nero as part of burn. :wink:

As I have said before: if you use a dvd+rw in a different writer first, the quality in the Benq 1620 tends to be lower. I have noticed this with three different mediacodes, Philips 041, MKM A02 and Ricohjpnw11.
You could try a full format on the Pioneer and then again on the Benq, or writing the disc several times on the Benq to see if the quality improves. (The same happened when I switched from Plextor to NEC.)
Here is my scan of a pristine ricohjpnw11 burn on Benq.