Can some explain the different Levels of Dvix certifications?


I am planning to buy a new DvD-recorder but I have a question about the Divx certifications.

Like I am having a hard time find out what each one gets me. Like my first dvd player I had was divx certified but apparently that only could play divx videos but not display menus.

Now the dvd player I am looking at is DivX Home Theater Certified so I am not sure what this one gets.


Check out the DivX website for the best info.

There are four so far,
Handheld, Portable, Home Theatre and High Def.
As you go up the scale they can handle higher resolutions, bitrates, etc…

Can you give a link where it compares them. I only see what products have divx support.

Also I know they got ultra certifications too.

Does home theater have menu support(or does it need to be ultra)

Some info on Wiki. Search for DivX wiki.

It’s on there somewhere but not exactly sure where, sorry.