Can some 1 help burn age of empires 3 with alcohol 120%

Age of Empire III

Copy Protection: SmartE + serial no., Only CD1 is protected

this is wat i herd about the age of empires 3 copy right protection i dnt no wat da hell it is or if it is even ture but can some 1 help burn age of empires 3 with alcohol 120% and with this protecton

if you search the forum there is some infomation about aoe3 that should help you out!

Ya, first you’re gonning to need A-ray scanner. First, copy the disc as an mdf mds. Then download A-ray scanner, then go to options in A-ray scanner. Then select Twin Creator then select Supported Image (mdf) then select Media-Description (mds) then click start once it is done it should have created a patched image then go to Alochol and select burn image then burn the patched image. If the burned cd doesn’t work then get Daemon’s Tool and create a virtuial drive then mount the image you created then play it and enjoy.

This advice is suitable only for securom protected cds. It is of no use whatever for Smarte protected cds.

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Could someone give me the cd key? please.

Giving you the CD key would be an illegal act which isn’t allowed on these public forums. Your on your own.

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Does anybody know how to circumvent the CD-Key protection of the game??

Your request is also an illegal one. Time this thread was closed. :cop: