Can Software Corrupt Drive?



This might be a really stupid question, but is it possible for software to corrupt a dvd drive? I bought a new Lacie d2 external dvd burner and also the clonedvd and anydvd software a few weeks ago. I burned about 40 movies or so and the burner started acting crazy and wouldn’t eject. I sent it back to Lacie for repairs and was wondering if the software had anything to do with this as I don’t want it to happen again! If it can’t then I’m an idiot…thank you.


Software can’t corrupt your drive but improper firmware can.
Firmware is a set of instructions for how the burner will behave, if you choose the wrong firmware you can damage your drive permanently.

Did you by any chance upgrade the firmware to that drive? If not, then you should have no problems when you receive it back repaired and use CloneDVD and AnyDVD.

It is possible that there may be a compatibility issue with the external enclosure you are using. I’m assuming you are using this drive on USB 2 not USB 1. Did the enclosure come with the device?


I bought this just three weeks ago and no, I didn’t upgrade the firmware. The drive was already enclosed and from Lacie’s website, I really don’t see any firmware upgrades, is this a normal procedure for dvd drives or does it just depend on the manufacturer. Also, are the Lacie drives dependable? I just can’t believe it was screwed up so soon. Thanks alot for the response.


I don’t know if the Lacie drive is dependable, I have little knowledge on external drives.

Don’t concern youself at this time with the firmware, when they repair it they should load the latest version. I just wanted to know if you messed with the firmware perhaps causing your problem. As you stated, you did not, so your warranty should be valid.

Hopefully your problem will be corrected when you get it back.
Although it’s only three weeks old anything can happen with electronics.
Sometimes you buy things brand new and they don’t work at all, hows that for quality control.

If you have not done so already, below is a link for a review on your burner.


When I had purchased a bad spindle of discs, CloneDVD would freeze and I couldn’t get the drive open until I did a reboot.


I should have read your post more carefully, if it’s only an eject problem, then yes software may be part of the problem. If the disk can’t be finalized then it may not eject waiting for the process to end before ejection takes place. More than likely it’s not the software causing this but a poor grade of media.

When you say the burner was acting crazy and wouldn’t eject, was the eject issue the only one, or were there others. Please give more details.


When I received the new burner I was able to burn about 40 movies or so, then it started acting weird, it would rip the movies on clonedvd just fine but when I put in the blank media (memorex and verbetim) it wouldn’t recognize the media, saying to insert blank media.

I tried many, many things and to try to rule out the clonedvd not working right, I tried installing the software that came with the Lacie drive (which included roxio, I originally installed this sofware when I fist got the burner but it was causing conflicts with the clonedvd so I uninstalled it) and it kept freezing up and all of the sudden it just took off, sounded like an airplane taking off, I then tried to eject and nothing happend, tried again and all of the sudden the door came shooting out and quickly closed again and I couldn’t eject so I powered everything down and did an emergency eject and called Lacie support and they told me to ship it back.

I really don’t think the clonedvd had anything to do with it as I was able to burn previously…strange. It is an 8x -r, 16x +r, lightscribe burner and I had been using the -r at 8x when burning, I think in the future I will burn at 4x, think this would be a good idea? Thanks tons for the responses.


From your description, it sounds like it is in fact the drive has mechanical problems. I do hope they repair it properly for you. Let us know when it’s returned if it functions properly.


Well I finally received my drive the other day and burned about 5 movies so far…flawlessly!! Thanks alot for all your help!


Thank you for posting back with the update.
Happy to hear they made good with the repair and it’s functioning properly.

Happy Burning