Can soem one Help

I just got my wife a Sony DVD burner and when I installed the software (Nero) and rebooted it got up to the windows xp splash screen and just as it go’s to go to the log on screen it just seats there with a black screen.I tryed to go in to safe mode but same thing so I took the drive out and but it as a slave to my computer I can see her drive and folder but I can’t access MY Documents folder so I can backup all our family pictures.It tells me access Denied. is there any way to change that so I can back up our photo’s . most of the time I always back up my stuff before installing any software but I have installed Nero on my pc and it went all happened when I installed the InCD 4 and rebooted.Both Drives have XP-PRO.

thanks :frowning:

Run the General cleantool and before you install, make sure you have your antivirus off. (general cleantool)