Can Sharman Networks force Kazaa Lite K++ into extinction?*updated*

I just posted the article Can Sharman Networks force Kazaa Lite K++ into extinction?updated.

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I wonder how many users will be left on the kazaa network when kazaa lite disappears. I reckon I could count them with my 2 hands.

Good question. This whole thing is very negative and will turn a lot of people off. The RIAA is probably doing freakin’ handsprings over this. :r Kazaa in either form was a major headache for them.

i guess emule is the way, is it loaded w/ spy,bloat,scum ware?

Didn’t Sharman always use the argument that since we’re decentralized we can never comply with an order to shut down with the RIAA? If they can shut down Kazaa ++, aren’t they invalidating their own excuse for existing. Oops! Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face…

" i guess emule is the way, is it loaded w/ spy,bloat,scum ware? " nope, emule is free of it. At te least the emule-mods are. And quality wise most stuff on emule is much better

Well the truth is, since kazaa design their nodes in terms of code they can easily implement a code which blocks a type of client based on a library, which is how that will probably kill off kazaa lite. The RIAA cant force them to do this.

eMule IS the WAY :slight_smile: Users just have to use a sites , not the regular search to get file hashes (links) and it will be safe. ShareReactot is one example of such sites.

i hope that someday somewhere there will be someone who will bring us a new kl++ version capable of entering this kl-blocked kazaa network who knows maybe it will be shared there :B hope this isnt the end for kl++ :c

What would hinder the developers of K-Lite to use Kazaa itself to spread new versions of this software. Should not be too difficult :B

Hopefully, the K-Lite developers WILL continue to produce builds that still function on the kazaa networks. They can even describe it and everything else as they did before on their website, just not host the program files. Instead we’ll download it from the kazaa, emule, and bit torrent networks, or from those web hosters that Sharman can’t touch. THE PEOPLE WILL GET WHAT THEY WANT

I hate to break the news, but Kazaa Lite development has been stopped. :frowning: Don’t expect any updates.

I am JFM, the news editor at, and I would like to point out that the Slyck article was based on content that I wrote. The interview with Klite was conducted by me, and was posted first on this site. I just want to make sure that the hard work of our team is asserted as the creators of this work. Thanks for your help.

Hi JFM, You got it. :slight_smile: …and no we thank you for the news ~Crabby
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what if more kazaalite users turn on their supernode function?

“what if more kazaalite users turn on their supernode function?” They will get sued by the RIAA. It’s like firing a gun in the air and waving your arms. They are sueing folks that even share as little as 6 files now.

so what? the same risk exists for Kazaalite and Kazaa itself. people need to share files, otherwise there would be no network.

The only way that can stop file sharing or other activities is to pull the plug on the internet:( See how many companies go bust overnite, schools, colleges, universities who rely on the net on a global basis will all suffer. What will the RIAA do then???:d One thing for sure if the RIAA had the power to do this then I am sure their existance would be very short, I don’t need to spell it out. :wink: They have already dug a very big hole for themselves and it seems its getting so deep they will find themselves in a situation whereas the whole globe will turn against them. If any person reading this is part of the RIAA I would be very carefull where you tread. With all the damage you have done across the USA so far you will have made millions of enemies. This isn’t meant to induce a political discussion, just plain facts based on the brute reality of what it going on. They have also pulled many plugs on the torrent servers as most links are now dead. What do these guys want?:frowning: I have a good answer a n*****r **** dropped on them. No one will purchase Audio CD’s, Tapes and no software will be bought and the economy will collapse all because the RIAA are acting way out of their league. Somehow I think someone very high up will put a direct clamp on the RIAA and order them to stop.:wink: Greetz Intercept…:S