Can session at once DVD (using wav) create player music disc?



If I create a session at once dvd using wav. files (no folders),will I be able to use it in my Panasonic dvd player? (DVD-R Panasonic compatible) Player does not support DVD-audio but I dont think recording this way is classed as DVD-Audio.


Probably. If your player suports music playback it should work, if not try encoding it to MP3 at the highest quality and then burning on a DVD-R.

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Thanks !


I am a novice on computers - someone please HELP! I own a Dell computer with one CD drive. I downloaded my Billy Idol CD and then put in a blank CD-RW CD, which I bought at Staples. Why does it only play on my car stereo and not on my home CD system?


If you’ve really used a rewriteable CD I think you’re lucky that it played on your car stereo, must be a fairly new one I guess.
A lot of systems will not play CD-RW at all. Check the spec of your home CD system. It should state what it will play.


Also some players refuse to play if certain types of copy protection are’nt present or have been removed.


Hello, B105!

I don’t think so. As for what I have read, the only DVD with data that most (or all) Panasonic standalones are able to read are those encoded with JPEG files, and only when the discs are recorded on another Panasonic device (or the same Panasonic, of course).

Still, it has been reported that some Kiss DVD players from Denmark can read DVD data with WAV files.

I shall keep researching…

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