Can select slower speed than 48x



I have been using Nero for quite a few years but on my new computer I can’t get it to burn below 48x. There is no option to select a slower burn speed. Any ideas?



I can set the speed in the “burn” section of CD Copy program - do you have a different version of Nero than that is maybe propritary to your 'puter ?? - if so then get an OEM version - suggest not going below about 16x with 48x medias as you may get a crappy burn IMHO-



Ahh no i cant I press the drop down it only offers 48!


Do you have a disk in the drive?



Wow - that is strange - what is the version?



I am not stupid. Ive been copying playstation games since the 1000 model and making VCD’s since it was possible and never had this happen. Nero FORCES the speed. When I click the drop down box it ONLY offers 48x!





Calm down - we’re just a bunch of guys trying to help - and we need to ask questions to figure out what may be the problem - ok




What burner?



You didn’t answer my question…do you have a disk in the drive? Your the one asking for help! Nero can’t magicly guess what the speed of the disk is unless you put one in the drive!


yes i have a disc in the drive!


Hl-dt-st Cdrw Gce-8483b



Just came back from my and on “CD copy” (without disc in drive) it shows 48x down to 8x in the “read” and “write” box and the same in the System Info area - don’t know why yours would be any different…



JUst found this apparently my burner is just a peice of shit



So there you are - fortunately CD burners are VERY reasonable to purchase - suggest looking on to see the pricing spreads - and that one writer was absolutely correct - Plextor builds some kicka$$ CD burners IMHO-



thanks for the help anyway