Can RICOHJPN D01-67 DVD+R DL Discs be made to work on an LG GH22NS50



My GH22NS50 burners will not burn RICOHJPN D01-67 DVD+R DL discs.
From an on line manual, I’ve found that the burner only supports Verbatim and RITEK brand discs.
It has been suggested that I try using MCSE to allow the burner to use the RICOH discs. Can it be done?

  1. I purchased the burners over a year ago. They were OEM drives and had BlueBird on them. I installed FW TN01 to get rid of it.

  2. I have since upgraded from Win XP to Win7 x64. I have not upgrade the FW to TN02 yet. Didn’t know I needed to.

  3. I have d/l’d MCSE v1.2.0.7, TN01 & TN02.


  1. Again, can it be done?
    If so,
  2. Which is preferred TN01 or TN02?
  3. Simply follow the instructions in the MCSEHelp file, or is there anything else to consider?

I’ve flashed firmware and BIOS’ before. I’m not intimidated by having to do it.
This is new to me.
I just want to be sure I do it correctly.

I thought this was going into the MediaCodeSpeedEdit thread.
If it needs to be moved let me know.


I checked it out for you and the firmware G22NS50_TN01 and TN02, the media codes are not yet readable with MCSE. Do not know if it will be added in the future.


Scrap those cheapo DLs…