Can record, but not play - Philips DVD

I have recorded/backed up movies onto Philips blank DVD’s using my PC’s DVD burner. They work fine on our main DVD player, but would not work on a portable that we have. I assumed it was the disk and decided to copy it to another brand using my PC. The PC that copied them in the first place will no longer recognize the disk.

I’ve listed all my equipment below. Any suggestions on how to correct this problem would be welcome. Thanks.


Burner - Digital Research Technologies - 4X DVD=RW/+R - Model DD0203
Player - Philips DVP642
DVD’s - Philips DVD+R 1-8X
OS - Windows XP, SP2
Intel CPU 1,700 / 512 meg memory

Hey there. Your drive is a re-badged Optorite DD0203. This drive is not well known for its quality. Also the drive stopped being updated 2 years ago.

I notice that you are trying to burn 8x media on a 4x burner. This should be avoided as each DVD-+r has a MID Code which identifies the disc in the burner. 8x media will in general not be supported by this burner.

e.g. If your Philips 8x media has the MID Code: RITEKR03 and your drive does not know the MID Code: RITEKR03 it will not burn to it properly.

This is probably why you are experiencing problems. I think it might be time for you to upgrade to another burner (LG, Pioneer, and BenQ drives are all well known for their high quality).

If this is not an option then maybe trying some slower speed 4x media might be the answer to your problems.

I didn’t even consider the 4X, 8X aspect. Strange that the burner accepted the disks the first time around, but not the second. Thanks for the advice.