Can read dvds only

i have a smartstep laptop from dell with a toshiba sd-c2502 dvd-rom…just about 2 weeks ago it decided it would not read any other media,but dvd`s tried new driver,firmware,bios this and that even taking out the drive and harddrive ,if any body knows any solutions.besides lol get a new one. pls help :doh:

How old is the drive? Have you tried a CD Lens Cleaner?

ive cleaned lens and disk and sprayed air thru whole laptop.i think its 5 yrs old. thanks for reply

My guess is that the laser is going out…

i got the nero info tool , information if any one knows how to use it to diagnose

they for all the info

Suggest you go the the manufacturers web site for your drive, and see if they have diagnostic self test for your drive. Some drives have the ability to do a diagnostic self test, and report back any errors found.

thank u ill try any suggetion