Can read data dvd+r in burner but not in player

Hi! I just got a Philips 1640 and made two data discs, one on a Mmore dvd+r (4x) and one on a Traxdata dvd-r (8x).
My LG dvd-rom can read the dvd-r but does not recognize the dvd+r.
Is it possibly a bitsetting issue? I believe the Philips defaults in setting the +r to dvd-rom… would setting to dvd+r (at least for data discs) help? I thought bitsetting would improve compatibility!

Your DVD-ROM drive might not support +R, I know mine doesn’t (unless I bitset to DVD-ROM).

You can determine your drive’s abilities with Nero’s InfoTool:

LG DVD-ROM is very picky on DVD +/-R media, same apply to their top of the line Stand alone LG-DV7832, get a Liteon/Samsung/Toshiba DVD-ROM next time, btw, stand alone with Samsung drive are known to be very friendly to all kinds of DVD media.

Infotool reports that the LG is +R compatible… I’ll try again with a different brand.

Just for information, i burned a TDK +R 8x with booktype set to dvd+r and the LG reads it without any problem… go figure.