Can preview but can't copy with DVD platinum 5 css version

I have DVD Platinum 5 - just bought and downloaded today. Originally downloaded the non-CSS version and then I downloaded the CSS version. I can preview a movie but can’t copy it - I get a message about can’t copy DVD but to try ‘main movie’ or ‘edit’. I choose ‘main movie’ but it still doesn’t work. I had this problem with the demo version on a few DVD’s - I could preview but couldn’t copy. I thought it was a limitation of the demo version. I don’t know anything about editing but if that’s the way to get around this I’d be willing to look at any tutorial on it if someone would be willing to point one out.

Please look again at the error message–what does it tell you to edit? Please post it word for word or do a screen capture. Did you apply your registration key to the CSS version? You may need to uninstall both and start over, installing only the CSS version from If you do that, email the registration key to yourself or put the file on a USB drive or some other safe place.