Can poor DVD write-quality cause audio sync problems?

I have noticed many complaints of DVD OOS (Out Of Sync audio) on the various video editing forums I belong to. The editors experiencing this problem usually blame it on the DVD authoring app, even though the very same app works fine for the majority of users. I know that OOS can be caused by a poor video capture and certain unsound editing practices. But in a large percentage of occasions, the project was in perfect sync when rendered to a DV AVI, and plays back fine in other formats; only the DVD exhibits OOS.

So, is it likely that some or many reported cases of DVD OOS are in fact caused by a poor write due to cheap or incompatible media, and not necessarily the fault of the authoring app?

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This is not an easy question to answer as there can be several reasons causing this type of problem, in my experience this can be caused by the following conditions, though I have found that my PC seems to cope better on copied movies than my stand alone player.

My first panasonic DVD player would play 9 out of 10 movies fine then it would play the 10th with about a 2 second gap OOS this was a problem I experienced with both copied and original media.
Problems with stand alone reading from +/-r media
Bad media or poor writing of media.
Bad capture / conversion or compression of original movie
[/ul]There are more reasons than these but these are the main ones I have encountered but a trick I have learnt is that if you eject the DVD and then re-insert it it can sometimes improve or completely disappear.
As to are these caused by authoring programs it depends on which one your using and what your trying to do with it.

out of sync audio shouldn’t be caused by poor media. the symptoms of a bad burn are usually skipping or an inability to play the dvd beyond a certain point, or even at all. the cause of out of sync audio is the result of some type of authoring problem.

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