Can Plextor read subchannel data?

I was reading a list of supported burners included in CloneCD for Plextor and it says the the PX-1210A and PX-1610A doesn’t support reading of subchannel data. I then look at the list of supported burners that was in the CloneCD Review v1.04 and it said that the two Plextor drives listed here can read subchannel data. So, who is right?

PX-1210A and PX-1610A does support reading of subchannel data

that im sure of

ain’t got any prof right now since the CloneCD help file has changed, but it say’s in early’er versions it does

posting later when i find some “prof” of this :slight_smile:

Certainly do,but my new plex 24x can’t but it can do correct EFM encoding thats why i bought it. Another SD2 writer in other words good ol plex. :wink:

according to the the clonecd site, the plextor 24x burner can read pretty much all data on a disc including all sub-channel data.
i have this burner and its awesome – copys anything so far.
plextors are the best burners out there in my opinion.
i haven’t made one coaster since i started buying plextor burners.
only thing i don’t like about plex 24x is the fast error skip setting doesn’t work in clonecd, takes over 40+ minutes to read some disks. (safedisk2 protected mainly) no big deal though.
still an awesome burner


Well the Plextor drives can read the SubChannels but officially they don’t. I know it sounds weird but it’s true :slight_smile: I thought there has been a newspost about this on but I can’t seem to find it…

My plex 121032a cannot read subchannels… I read somewhere (I think here at cdfreaks) that its all about which chipset you had (not the efm encoding one) actually… it was a email posted in the news here some time ago… any case mine doesn’t, dunno about the 1610, but I have a toshiba DVD which is the bomb reader.