Can Plextor Premium read CD-text?


Having trouble getting Feurio! to recognize that my CD writer can read CD-text (I think).

There’ve been many posts about CD-text which I read and I’m sorry but I still don’t get it.

Using a Plextor Premium, Windows XP and trying to use Feurio!.

The “CD text” button in Feurio! is grayed out.

Plextor Premium is listed as a supported writer on the Feurio! website.

Did I miss a setting in Feurio! or install it wrong? I’ve got the trial version of Fuerio in case that makes a difference.

Any help/direction sincerely appreciated.

plex premium should be able to, but i dont own a plex, do any other cd burning programns that use cd-text work with it

It is,

Perhaps the button is not available when the CD does not have CD-Text on it.

The Plextor Premium, as with just about all modern cd writers can read an write CD-text. It’s been a while since I used Feurio so I can’t comment on that program. It certainly seems like Feurio should support the Plextor Premium. You can test out it’s CD-text abilities with Plextools Pro.

No problem to read and write CD-Text:

Make sure you have Feurio! 1.67.
The trial version is no problem.

That button is grey when the disc you insert doesn’t contain CD-Text.
You can change those settings in Feurio CD-Manager -> Program Parameters -> Special Parameters -> Special Parameters -> Read CD-Text info

Thank you all for your help. If I can try your patience a little longer …

Why can I see title/artist information with Roxio (and Windows Media Player) and not Feurio or Plex Tools (same CD)? Is that information stored in CD text or am I barking up the wrong tree?

I do have Feurio version 1.67. The “read CD-text information” box is checked.

Is the CD artist, title and track information related to the freedb/CDDB databases which Roxio can access automatically and I have to configure Feurio to access?

Thanks again for your advice.

Windows Media Player doesn’t read CD-Text, so it’s probably getting the titles from internet. (The other option is the “cdplayer.ini” database that can also be read by Feurio).

Feurio CD-Manager -> CDDB online database (or offline database if you’re not always connected).

to see if it is getting them from the internet block media player with a firewall or go to options then unckeck "retrive media info from the internet, or something like that. then put in a NEW cd (not one that has allready been identified by media player or the track names etc will still be in media players memory. if the track names are there then cd-text has worked, if not it hasnt.

WMP can’t read CD-Text.

If WMP shows titles, then they’re retrieved from internet or from its database (“cdplayer.ini” file in the old times, currently I don’t know if it’s still used).

thanks for correcting me. so what audio programs can read cd-text? thanks, ben

HACP, CD-Text Player, CD-Text reader, Feurio, EAC, CDEx, etc…

Not Winamp, not WMP

ok, thanks for your help minix. :bigsmile: