Can Plextor 1210A write 90 and 99 min cds?

Can Plextor 1210A write 90 and 99 min cds?
And is so which flash version should be used and what program.



No problems at all with 90min CD-R!
For 99min media it writes only till 94min, then it will stop due to a mechanical limitation. You can use Clone CD or Nero (with overburing option enabled) for writing that CDs!

For a list of reported working recorders with 99 minute CD-R’s check (right side under highlights).

I found this link for supported writers

As for what software use Nero

As for flash versions, I’m guessin you mean firmware, always use the latest version, which is 1.10.

Get them here if you need em, it includes descriptions of changes,

Hope this helps,

Last I checked (Cant anymore, some reason CD Nero wont let me test overburn),

But 121032A does 90Mins and the 241040A does max 95mins (Actually 94:59:74). I dont think the firmware changes that.

Same as with the PleXCombo PX-320A and the Plextor PX-W4012TU/A. They will fail at around 95 minutes (reading and writing). 94 minutes is no problem. You can see these tests in both the PleXCombo and Plextor review on the mainpage.