Can play protected cd but not ordinary cd


I’m new here and I wonder if anyone can help me :
In my car I have a cd-player that can play “J-Lo the remixes”, this is a protected cd. But my cd player won’t play any other (original) cd and so far he also won’t play a burned cd. :confused:
Is there any way to burn a cd in almost just the same way as the J-Lo cd so I can get my cd-player to read it?
Closest I got is with Nero…he will read the data so he knows how many tracks but he won’t start playing (I can hear repeatingly the cd spinning a bit then nothing) :frowning:

In car CD players are notourios for this sort of problem, do a search for more info on these, but also only use a good quality media and burn at 4x only trail and error works with these and sometimes never at all. If you require more info just ask.