Can play options by custumized thru buttons



It’s a bad subject…
Here’s the situation:

I have a movie…All in a single PGC (title 1).

I’m going to be replacing the menu with a customized one I made.

I have additional menus to go in as well that will point to each chapter.

Is it possible to have commands on the buttons so that it plays the chapter, then returns to the menu?

Additionally/alternately can you specify rather than going to the next chapter, going to a different? (skipping sections of the movie?)

I don’t want to alter the PGC-Title itself…from the main menu, the movie needs to be able to play straight thru.

Is this possible with the existing PGC? (Or more to the point, with the existing .vob file, with different pointers going to it?)


Beside replacing the main menu, you can add chapter menus in menu domain with each chapter button going to a specific chapter. This is just like any chapter menu in a commercial DVD. Use the button command, Jump Title 1 chapter X, where X is 1-N, to jump to a specific chapter directly. After a chapter finishes, it will play the next chapter automatically since you want the movie to play continuously.


Well, let me go more into depth…

the movie is a concert mixed with interviews…

I have the standard play all button, then regular chapter menues.

I then have a special menu for just the interview segments (which are interspersed throughout the movie.

When going thru this menu, I’d like it to play the chapter (the interview segment) then return to the menu, rather than continuing on through the rest of the movie.

(an alternate idea is to have it so one interview plays, then it jumps to the next interview and thru those chapters only, before returning to the menu).


oh ok, then the other thread that you responded to is similar to what you’re trying to do. I wasn’t too sure of your situation as it was not really clear before.

So here are the general steps:

[li]Basically, duplicate the PGC for [B]each[/B] interview, then in the new PGC, delete all the unneeded programs except the wanted interview segment. For all interviews to be played consecutively, do the same thing - duplicate the original PGC and delete all the concert segments.[/li][li]Go to the Titles pane and add title for [B]each[/B] duplicate PGC. For all interviews PGC, be sure to select all programs.[/li][li]For [B]each[/B] added title, ‘Assign PGCs’ and check the box ‘set as entry PGC’.[/li][li]In Video Manager/VMG Titles, ‘Add title’ for [B]each[/B] VTS Title under VTS1.[/li][li]Finally, have the special menu refer to the corresponding interview segment.[/li][/ol]