Can play cd,dvd, but no games!

Ok, this one has got me stumped. I can play audio cds and mp3 discs in my cdrom and dvdrom, i can play video discs in both, and i have no problem playing dvds in the dvdrom. BUT, i cannot play games in either(i could at one time). I put the game in, the game loads slowly, and even installs but also slow. However, when i try and play the game it spins and spins and nothing! Not even an error! Ok, both drives are new, master slave is correct. Both drives are on the sceondary ide, no problem there. I tried cleaning the lenses just to be sure(everybody blurts that out as what the problem is right away…dammit, thats not the problem!). The games are clean. I tried games that i know work any other time. I even tried brand new games. I went into my system devices and deleted and redetected both drives. I replaced the drive ribbon. I did a system restore. I deleted some files to make some space. I went out and bought a new video card. Somehow, i think all this leaves me with is some sort of configuration problem. I am sooo burned out from all of this. I even updated my bios with no problems. Does anybody know a solution to this one? Thanks for any help you can offer. Im dead out of ideas.

Could you give us some specs about your system ?

You can make a report of the specs using Aida 32 (freeware).

Ok when was the last time you were able to any gaming??
Might be missing a driver or a dll file somewhere. Do you have to correct aspi layer??

Are you using XP??? If so try turning off the buil in IMAPI service.