Can Pioneer DVR-R100B5 burn Verbatim media?

Can Pioneer burn Verbatim DVD+R:MCC-004-000 and DVD-R:MCC 03RG20 ?Thanks

Of course, any major burner can do this.

Verbatim media is on the top of any firmware write-strategies engineer.

can it burn other retail media like the kind you find at bestbuy,officemax etc…
maxell,Memorex,Imation,Khypermedia,hp ?

the reason i ask because i don’t wont to get my media my mail and there recommend media is not retail (website)

one more thing i went out and got me the Pioneer 110D

i wasted about 10 dvd (Verbatim) crazy buffer thing i hate it
but i came here and read up on it. and took your and other ppl advice.
upgrade nero and driver everything seem to be working fine
but that buffer thing can give me a heart attack lol

i am thinking about keeping it don’t no for sure
if it can burn a lot of retail brand then that will be a plus
if not i think i have to go and try out benq

thanks for all your help and sorry about making a long post

p.s. the pc i am using to burn (data no dvd extracting or things like that ) is a p2 350 mhz 387 or so mb is that one of the reason why the buffer act so crazy

Thanks again

Yes, these specs are not the best for a 16x dvd burner and explains the buffer fluctuations.
However, with a good buffer (in Nero), a defragmented hdd and some RAM it whould work ok at least for 4x burning.

Surely it can burn other media, but don’t trust cheap brands and names.
You’ll pay twice in the end, regardless if the media used were burnt successfully and it were either Princo or Memorex media.

Have a look at in the dvdmedia section and also check out the reviews of the 110/110D.

Yea i read the review they said it okay i cant read the nero speed burner thing yet (well kind of) but i read other review about other drives as well and to me they say for the most part they ok

So if you had a choice of only one Internal 16x dvd burner (that burn retail media) which one will you chose ?

I’d get a Pio 110 (or 110D which I would crossflash to A10 or 110) then).
Burning quality is a big important point for me and with decent media I get this with this burner.

ok if i understand you right.
i should keep my 110d and cross flash it? what do crossflash mean ? i up grade the firmware to 1.37 that what you mean by crossflashing?

i also do care about burn quaility but i dont wont to go out the way (mail order) to get it as long it burns okay (what i burn stay in tack for a few years)

what is decent retail media? Verbatim,sony,tdk,maxell,Memorex,Imation,Khypermedia,hp ?