Can Pioneer DVD 106S read subchannels?



Can the Pioneer DVD 106S read subchannel audio and data, or do I need to buy a Toshiba DVD ?

How can you see if a cdrom/writer/DVD is able to read subchannel? Are there any progs out there to check it ?



check it @


This is an good question and it deserves a better answer than “check with elby”. Elby gives no direct info.

I know the Pioneers till model 105/115/305 couldn’t read subchannel data, but I have no info as to 106/116. Elby’s advice to try and see is not very helpful if you need to know it before you buy.

Sruppi, if you do have this drive you just have to try it with CloneCd, they say:

If you do not know whether your drives are supported - try! In case something does not work, CloneCD 3 will tell you exactly which operation failed.

Please let me know,


Ok I tried with CloneCD
and this is (a part from) the logfile:

11:19:56 Device PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-106 doesn’t support reading of 96 bytes subchannel data (CD+G)!

I guess its a NO :confused:

Damn I really like my Pioneer DVD . . .
Or mayB i shall buy an extra Toshiba CD-ROM, they are not that expensive.

Thx anyway for the help . . .


If you’re using CloneCd a lot you will love the Tosh, it’s the best reader there is. Not only it does subs for data and audio but it also reads SafeDisk2 with ease, something you can forget with the Pioneer. It’s also quieter, specially for playing dvds where you won’t hear it at all.

In fact the only thing that the Pioneer is significantly better is DAE (digital audio extraction).

If you’re going to have them 2 together I would love to hear from you after a while about your experience.


and the slot in mechanism i may add…
i hope some day more CDROM/DVDROM manufacturers do this…


The Pioneer is also a lot faster in ripping encrypted DVD’s… The Toshiba is rather slow but still does a good job I think.


There are two kind of subchannels

16 bytes version:
is used by protections like SecuROM, Karaoke disk, Laserlocks and cd with cdtext

96 bytes version:
mainly used for playstation and proctictions lik LibCrypt

unfortionally pioneer DVD is not capable of reading these two


It only says it can’t read 96 bytes subchannel data, you sure about the 16 bytes?