Can pioneer 107 burn 4x media at 8x?

This is my deciding factor. I have an A06 that rocks and by luck a guy offered to buy it off of me.I want the a07 but can anyone confirm it can do what my plex can and burn certain 4x media at 8x? If this has been addressed sorry as it didnt show up in search results.

I phoned Plextor Germany a few minutes ago, they say no way. Only certified 8x Media will be burned at 8x.

Originally posted by dg1qkt
I phoned Plextor Germany a few minutes ago, they say no way. Only certified 8x Media will be burned at 8x.

Look around on the forum a little bit, and you’ll see that quite a few manufacturer’s 4x rated media is able to be burned at 8x by some drives.


Yes, that is exactly the point. Some drives can do this, like Plextor and Nec. And beacauser of that I asked Pioneer if the A07 can do this, too.

They said no. Or exacty:

Pioneer: “No”
Me : “Are you sure?”
Pioneer: “Wait am Moment I will ask.”
Pioneer: “No, no way!”

for the people who speak German:

Pioneer: “Nein”
Me : “Sicher?”
Pioneer: “Moment ich frag nochmal nach”
Pioneer: “Nein, auf keinen Fall.”


LOL…those pioneer official never visited all these DVD-Writers forum and never tested any 4x media by latest hacked patch!! i am sure of it. German are like Robot…what they said and learned only Yes or No. lol

Using Nils patched firmware you can at least “attempt” 8x with any disc you want …be warned trying this on crap media or 1x media may damage your drive.
However using the likes of ritek,verbs etc you should encounter no problem,be aware this is for - format only.
Nil is an ardent - format supporter and although he has said he will look into a similar patch for + media don’t expect it til he feels like it.
Given the - format is more commonly used it’s a gem of a patch using decent media you will get great results.
I personally am happy burning at 6x with 4x media gives excellent results and for the sake of a couple of minutes extra over 8x.
Anyway the 107 is highly recommended as most pioneer drives are always fantastic once Nil(or another one of the team) do their magic.
The next pioneer drive is due out in 3-4 months and will be a 12x version,again dual format.After that the dual layer version of the 108 will be released it’s supposed to be based on the 108 withthe addition of dual layer writing.
Other manufacturers have already set april as their target for 12x + writing and many intend to skip 12x and jump right upto 16x given the fact 12x will be short lived before 16x + writers hit the scene.
It’s quite incredible that by years end it will be possible to write a complete dvd disc in around 4 minutes and,if you desire copy the entire dvd with no encoding onto a 8.5 gig disc with dual layer writers.
Personally given the quality of encoders is getting better all the time dual layer media(the burner is a one off price so far less important than media prices) will have to VERY competitively priced to make people switch.
All in all an exciting year for the dvd market,be nice to see some improvements on the dvd rom side of things to make reading of dvds alot faster in real terms,afterall a 4x writer can easily be used on the fly a 8x cannot be even with a toshiba Hijacker patched drive so in real terms there is little speed difference.


This is a 8x’s burn from my f/w v1.05 modded Pioneer 107D using cheap Shintaro, in other words, Princo DVD-R 4x media.

I was surprised it worked, but also think the KProbe scan done at 4x by my LiteOn 166S (I know it’s not a DVD-R/RW) is quite reasonable under the circumstances, not great, but also not really bad.

What are your impressions of the scan?

Cheerz:) :wink: :smiley:

Is the scan 8 ECC sum? if yes -it’s quite good. if no - not so good but should work in most devices.

And speed setting only works for DVD-Writers so the scan is actually done at max speed :wink:

Originally posted by OC-Freak
Is the scan 8 ECC sum? if yes -it’s quite good. if no - not so good but should work in most devices.

Hi OC-Freak,

Redid the same Shintaro DVD-R 4x, scan 8 ECC as the other was 1 ECC :(.

It obviously does make a difference, but probably still OK for the Princo DVD-R 4x burnt at 8x. :slight_smile:

Cheerz:) :wink: :smiley:

I have some FujiFilm 2x media that burned at 8x. I was shocked. Actually, what happened was, I forgot to set burn speed, and it was automatically set to 8x.

I just complete a re-install. I will install the DVD Info Pro tool to see what media this is.

I seen >NIL:'s firmware looks nice rpc-1 12x ripping dvd-r8x on all media, but what about if you dont need rpc1 or 12x ripp , but want dvd+R8x then what do you do, i have not found any dvd+R that the 107d will burn at 6x or 8x i would love to know what media will burn at 8x dvd+R wise, and also where to get it, locally

I am in Southern california i have looked at , frys, bestbuy, officemax, officedepot, staples, circuitcity, compusa, and good guys and none of them have one peace of real 8x media.


Got reply from :bow: >NIL: on another forum, I have been Enlightened. I did the hack and looks ok so far, but search for 8x media goes on.

I bought a 3 pack of Verbatim datalife Plus 8X DVD+R from Office Depot for around $9. It burned at 8X very nicely.


After your post about verbatim 8x at office depot i decided to run down to one near me, all i had done before was call. I went the help counter and asked about verbatim dvd+r 8x. the only verbatim in the store was cd-r media. they had no verbatim dvd media at all. :frowning: my search goes on for real 8x +r media. I will post kprobe of my cmc mag AF1 8x burn test using >NIL: hack


I later found some, I have posted a kprobe of verbatim 8x on another thread.

8x burn test on cmc mag AF1 4x media
kprobe 1.1.29 lite-on 401s@811s used for scanning.

DVR-107D >NIL: 1.10 hack

8x burn test on cmc mag 2x media
kprobe 1.1.29 lite-on 401s@811s used for scanning.

DVR-107D >NIL: 1.10 hack

im burning 4x verbatim datalife dvd-r at 8x with nero and the modded 1.05 firmware…

anyway to check the quality except from actually trying it?

I have a pioneer 107d and a lite-on cdr (so i cant use kscan?)

-edit it seemed to work, dvd plays with no noticable defects/artifacts.