Can Philips DVD Recorders place a 16:9 flag?



I have a problem with my Philips DVDR80 recorder. When i try to record 16:9 material with it, it plays fine on the recorder itself (only when i choose 4:3 letterbox) however it is pillarboxed on every other dvd player that i choose ?

I am making a recording for someone who has a 4:3 display and because the 16:9 flag is not placed properly i am not able to make a decent recording for him.

Are there dvd recorders out there that have a capability to place this 16:9 flag
with a widescreen recording ?


I think DVD-RAM recorders (Panasonic) are the only ones that can properly set a 16:9 flag. You have to manually set 16:9 on your tv for Philips recorders.


There are few recorders that do it, and even those are problematic, if you read reports from various forums.

You can do it on a PC with some software, but that kind of defeats the object as far as you are concerned, I suspect, Rombrero.



Thanks a lot for the help !

I have managed to solve the problem with ifoedit (probably the software you refered to) and this quick guide that i found.

  1. Rip (or just copy VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS since they are not encrypted) the DVD-R contents to your hard disk

  2. Get a copy of ifoedit

  3. Open the .IFO of your movie in IFOEDIT

  4. Switch the flag to be 16:9 letterbox

  5. Save the IFO and .BUP backup

  6. Burn the Titleset back to another DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+r/DVD+RW/TEACAKE