Can People please help me!



Hey Can Someone please help and explain how i can copy a dvd to my computer and then put it on a disc but another problem is i dont have a dvd r so i can only put it on cd rw and r!

And can u tell me what free programs can help me do this all




Look into coverting the video to Divx so that the file will fit on to a CD-R.
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If you don’t have a DVD burner/player, you can’t rip at all a DVD disc, because CD burner/players are not able to read DVD discs (except for combo drives, that can read DVDs but can write only CDs).

So the first step is buy a new drive. Nowdays a DVD burner is not really costly (around €20-30).

Once you have the disc on your hard disk, then you can use DVDx as suggested by [B]CCromeo[/B] or AutoGK (another free and easy to use software) any other software you like to convert the movie into an AVI :slight_smile: