Can parts of a DVD be edited out in DVD Shrink?

Like in Clone DVD for example, you can remove certain trailers, scenes, etc.

I know that you can replace it with a still screen of your choice, but what about editing something out completely? There doesn’t seem to be an option, and re-authoring loses menu functionality, so that’s no good as I like to retain all of that.

Anyone? :confused:

Not entirely in DVD Shrink as you mention. You can use a program like VobBlanker to remove components you don’t want. You can also use PGCEdit to hide menu button access to the components you’ve removed. A quick search on Google will get you to the VobBlanker site.


I’ve heard of VOB Blanker, but I’ve no idea how to use it and what it actually does, and I couldn’t find a guide.

Am I right in saying I’d have to use DVD Decrypter first, then blank the appropriate VOB with VOB Blanker? How’d I know which is the right one?

Correct. You can use the preview to see what you have selected then you click on blank.

There are guides at the VobBlanker site.

OK, great - I don’t know how I missed those. Thanks alot!:wink:

You can use DVD Shrink in reauthoring mode and remove anything you don’t like. But, this way you will get rid of menus as well. To cut things off the disk and still preserve disk navigation you can use VobBlanker (as was said) or DvdReMake. And it is not necessarily should be a whole block. Not sure about VobBlanker but with DvdReMake you can cut off pieces from inside the block as well.