Can only read first burn session

I’M LOST! Installed new AOPEN DUW1616 with Nero package. OS is windows 98se. DVD copies with no problem. When a data DVD is burned with mulitsession I can only read the first session with my system. It can be read on other computers with XP. Is there a way to get around this without installing XP ?

Odd. 98se in and of itself shouldn’t be the issue here, though multisession burns can present read back problems if your drive doesn’t really like them. In control panel, under system, does device manager correctly identify your drive?

Also, what type of media are we talking dvd-/+r or -rw?

this is an old standby and often overstated, but try rebooting and then insiert the disc into your drive while holding the shift key down till it’s done spinning up.

Nice burner! Had one! Yep I have had multisession read problems with all my CD and DVD burners! RW disks are the best way to go if you need that feature!

PS/ Lied- I bought two that TCAS told me about that were on sale at OM!
They still both work on my children’s machines! BTW — The best CD burner I have seen in years! Good reader and sloooooooooow DVD burner!