Can only read disks on Sony burner drive dru710a



Hello All -

I’ve been doing a lot of reading up here since running into problems with a newly purchased Sony dru710a. Maybe I would have chosen a different product if I had come here in the first place.

Anyway, the issue I’m having is that disks burned on the Sony aren’t readable in my other dvd-rom drives. It’s made a few coasters here and there but most of the disks burn without errors, better than my old Pioneer dvd burner that it replaced. None of my other drives can read these disks though.

Here is a rundown on my setup:

Sony DRU710a housed in a Hako USB 2.0 enclosure
I installed the latest flash upgrade from Sony, BYX4 I believe

Using Nero Sony Edition that came with the drive. I’ve tried Express but have mostly been using Nero Burning Rom since it has a few more controls that can be adjusted.

Media is Memorex DVD+RW and HP DVD+R

System is a Dell P4 2.8 768 RAM 200GB Western Digital IDE drive
Intel Chipset
USB 2.0

When I put one of these disks into my dvd-rom drive this is the error message:
Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows.

Great, just what I want a disk that is not compatible with windows - unless it’s running in the right Sony drive! Anyway, perhaps someone with more experience can steer me toward a solution. As I see it my options are:

  1. Try some different types and brands of dvd media. Not very scientific but one possible source of the problem.
  2. Try different settings within Nero, or try some different burning software all together.
  3. Try some different hardware! although this is a last resort.

So there it is. If people have strong recommendations on brands and models of dvd burners and media, or program settings for Nero to make these disks more universally readable I would love to hear them. Thanks for listening - :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Could you please post more information about your situation? You’ve already posted a lot of info, but not quite the info that would be most helpful. :wink: See the posting guidelines announcement at the top of the forum for some tips about what information would be helpful.


Okay, once again read first and type later…

So the first thing I did after reading the posting guidelines is to run NeroInfo and take a look as suggested. I think that pretty much told me the problem right there: neither of the dvd rom drives was dvd+r or +rw read capable. Is that something that can be fixed in a flash upgrade?

So the first thing is to get some dvd-r or -rw media and try again.

If I’m giving people data on dvd disks I’m going to want to know what media types their drives are capable of reading beforehand, it’s not quite as simple as handing someone a cd. I guess I’m glad this happened now rather than later.

Thanks for a prompt reply and push in the right direction -


your drive is a rebadged 1633/53 see here and should work ok with +R discs.


That wasn’t quite the direction I was trying to push you in. :wink: As ako notes, the 710A should work just fine with +R/+RW (well, it had better because Sony is one of the strong proponents of the +R/+RW format!). I was hoping the full InfoTool report (which includes info about your system setup) as well as the exact media code of the media that you tried (I suspect that you may have gotten a Memorex disc that was manufactured by Infodisc, which is a very poor quality manufacturer) and a disc quality scan…