Can only get one episode on DVD

Hello there folks. First post on here and I’m also a bit of a novice when it comes to DVD making. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I have been trying to put the entire season 1 of The Mentalist on DVD for my girlfriend. There are 23 episodes so the plan was to put at least 2 episodes on each 4.7GB DVD.

I have been using DVD Flick and also Windows DVD maker but have been getting the same problem with both of these programs.

When using DVD Flick I create a new project and I add 2 episodes to the project which generally takes up 90%+ of the content bar at the left hand side so I assume the problem isn’t that the content is too much? I then tweak a couple of things in project settings and then click ‘create DVD’ and the encoding process starts.

I have done this with episodes 1 - 12 ( or so I thought) but when we played them back it became apparent that there was only one episode on each disc.

This has happened with Windows DVD also.

Is there something I’m missing when doing the project set up?

The files I am burning are in Matroska format.

Thanks in advance.

What is the playing time of each episode? Roughly one hour? If so, then you should be able to put two episodes on each disk rather easily using DVDFlick.

Are you creating a menu so that you can select each episode? When you preview the menu, can you see both episodes there?

In Project Settings on the Playback window, do you have it set to automatically play the next title (which seems to be default) or do you have it on something else?

If you can’t get Flick to work properly, there is an alternative program that works in a similar fashion, called AVStoDVD. You might try it for this project.